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Naturally, the handbag is essential to carry all your belongings. But we all know it, it’s also a fashion accessory that we can’t live without. Let’s discover the perfect models, both beautiful and practical, to be stylish.

An optimal choice

Even if we fall for a bag, maybe it does not suit us. It is therefore important to choose it well. And for this, several criteria must be taken into account. First the material. Better to select beautiful materials that will allow your bag to stand the test of time without looking like waste (which is not at all stylish!). Prefer a beautiful leather which, well maintained, will follow you for a long time and will be able to support more weight (if you are used to filling your bag, it is useful). To convince yourself of this, take a look at an old bag and an old model found at the market. You see ? The first has survived the years well. The other is a disaster.  

The size of the bag is also a very important criterion. Your bag must suit you! For that, you will have to think about what it will contain (a little or a lot). Avoid mini bags if you carry your whole life with you. In this case, it is better to favor a tote. If you are reasonable, a Lady or bowling model is a very good choice. 

It will also have to go to your silhouette. You are very small and petite, avoid XXL models that will hide you and favor minaudières or mini formats, very fashionable at the moment. If you are round and tall, prefer more imposing models and shapes that contrast with your figure: satchel, doctor bag, tote…

Of style !

Now it’s time to think about style because the bag is obviously a centerpiece in a successful look. 

Several models are on the top of the podium. Large soft bags are a safe bet: hobo and tote in soft leather or suede are perfect. If in addition, they display a chain handle, they are at the top of the trend. Another fashionable bag: the crescent moon model. Like the square bags (large or small), they have been observed in all parades.  

Finally, the XXL and ultra mini models (then favor original materials, such as transparent plexiglass) are also a very good choice to be at the forefront of fashion. Dare to use colors such as green or orange. In combination with a beautiful jewel of Cartier , you are very fashionable!

Do you prefer to invest in a timeless model to keep it for a long time? A backpack or a shoulder bag is a good choice. Prefer a well-known brand so that the style remains impeccable over time. A Michael Kors bag can then be a good idea: shopping bag, messenger bag or shoulder strap.

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